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DBase IV 1.5 - DOS / Windows

Includes: Software, manuals, original box

RealViz Stitcher 3 - Windows 98, SE, ME, 2000, NT4SP3 and Mac OS 9.1 / OS X

Includes: Software, manual, registration card
- Can be upgraded to latest version

Boris FX 4.0 - MAC and Windows

Includes: Software, manual, original box, registration card
- Can be upgraded to latest version

ULead Cool3D 3.0 - Windows 95+, Windows 2000

Includes: Software, manual, original box, registration card
ULead DVD MovieFactory 1.0 - Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP

Includes: CD Label Maker, Software, manual, original box, registration card
Digital Dominion Cinematte - Photoshop/Aura (Windows)

Includes: Software, manual, original box, registration card
Credo Lifeforms Studio 3.9 - Windows

Also have full package 3.5 for Windows (unopened)

Includes: original box, approx. 400 page manual, software CDs, PowerMoves CD of ready-to-use content, registration card (unused)

Productivity enhancing features of 3.9:

  • Snap to figure: now your figures can lead, follow, and carry each other or props.
  • Rotoscoping: import movies and still images into the background and pose your figure against them for the ultimate in precision.
  • Mirroring: make a mirror image of your moves along the x, y, of z axis to get your figure backstepping, dancing upside down, and more!
  • Model Editor: adjust pivot points, joint size, offsets and import geometry for your segmented models or bones.
  • HTR file format support: adds import/export support for HTR motion capture data.
  • Range Editing: easily adjust a pose across a range of frames. Great for editing motion capture data!
  • Procedural walk generator: create realistic walks in seconds.
  • File browser: preview your motion or movie files before opening them.
  • Joint Map Editor: map your pre-made moves from one model to another.
  • Snap: works like artificial friction to eliminate sliding feet, falling through the floor and more.
  • 3D file format support: LightWave 3D, 3D Studio Max, ElectricImage, Cinema 4DXL, Poser, trueSpace, and any app that uses HTR, Acclaim, or BVH motion capture data.*

CineGraphics UView - Windows

With UView, users can now texture map objects parametricly instead of the default planar, cylindrical and spherical projections. Game developers can use the UV texture coordinates in game engines, animators will be able to produce seamlessly textured objects.

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