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face the monkey
dhomas - c.i.

young monkey master. The essential archetype of young monkey is personified by various manifestations:

young monkey music. The music is primary for musician/composer dhomas. It ranges from the earliest experimental tapes to which he listens laughing at the lack of sophistication, both in song structure and sound technology; through to endless future planned projects. Although the past holds projects of which he is proud, developments and explorations of that work's themes and sounds are always teeming, beginning new journeys toward other future sound recordings. The primacy of the music provides a unifying effect which gives dhomas' other projects impetus, focus and ultimately, meaning. One example is dhomas' continued explorations of his own software applications to facilitate and enhance the merging of computer technology and musical creativity.

young monkey machine: technocrat as creator. dhomas's programming merges computer and musical instrument for his own creative endeavours. The software develops through use; this allows for innovations which respond immediately and exactly to needs or problems which arise.

young monkey muse: poet. The poetry is spontaneous, barely containing the immediate power and vulnerability of such expressiveness. Despite the seriousness with which the subject (love misplaced, unreturned, forlorn), there is a playfulness throughout. That "It is possible to convince anyone of anything if you say the right words" guides the works of poetry into an intriguing tension. Mastering the word can present truth and exactitude, allowing for persuasion and influence. In the playfulness of dhomas' poems, however, there exists a polysemous game over which he relinquishes (or looses) control. Sounds usurp meaning, cliche is heightened through challenges to rhyme and even to grammatical license. Mastery of the word allows persuasion and speaking the truth of love, but the word refuses to be mastered.

young monkey muse: visual artist. The graphic art, especially in the form of unusal explorations such as photo-chemical paintings, shares an ambient quality with the music. Abstract impressionism might be an appropriate though not exclusive or even very helpful designation. There is an inescapable suggestion of tribal art, not in the "content", so much as the presentation. There is always the possibility that the painting is the signature of an event more than a non/representation with any specific meaning. The 'paintings' subject is in part the act, technology and artistry of their creation. While the music is atmospheric and the poetry follows sound more than meaning, each 'painting' uses free forms and delicate colours to explore a feeling; to discover a place where a certain mood might be found. This is the basis of life, and the evolution of continued work.

youngmonkey 1984...current
    founder, creative interpreter
simianpress 1993...current
    founder, publisher, designer
Rant About It! ™ 2005...current
    founder, developer 2003...current
    Multimedia/Technology consultant

restaurant 2001-2005
    founder, software developer
Instawatch 2003
    Technology Consultant
Fundy Production Associates 1996-2003
    Multimedia/Technology consultant
NewTekniques magazine 2000-2001
newtekpro magazine 2001
    senior editor, reviews editor